Welcome to thegioitienganh

Hi friends!

Thanks for visiting us today, we are a team from Vietnam. We are doing this website as freelancers.

Our slogan

English World: All in One

Building up an English community for not only Vietnamese learners but international ones as well. Sometimes you will find some sections are only in Vietnamese language. That is because we have those services in Vietnam only.

However, we are doing day by day to make our website as much more international as possible.

What do we have so far?

  • Free English books for everyone
  • International scholarships updated weekly
  • Advice for self study (for Vietnamese)
  • Book review (for Vietnamese)
  • And other great English resources for learning and relaxing

We have collected and shared from many resources. We hope you will find our website like a hub: English hub or English station.

We have some Facebook group that you may like!

You can find these groups at the end of our website.

All are welcomed to contribute the contents to these groups to make them better day by day. Please read this note for your free posting.

We hope you can find this website useful to your study. Should you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to contact us via: