Advanced vocabulary list: weekly update

Advanced vocabulary list: weekly update

Welcome to Advanced vocabulary list where you can build your vocabulary daily. We update weekly and we think that you should learn three words per day. Learning too many words at the same time will make you easily forget. Keep learning regularly, your English will get better day by day.

Day 10

Ex: The interviewer was unnerved and changed the subject quickly.

  • be circumspect = think carefully

Ex: The governor was usually circumspect when dealing with the media.

Ex: Harriet was overwhelmed by a feeling of homesickness.

Day 9

Ex: The kids felt bewildered and betrayed by the divorce.

  • be disorientated = be disoriented = confused and not understand

Ex: I come out of the theater feeling disoriented.

Ex: He’s completely preoccupied with all the wedding preparations at the moment.

Day 8

  • aspire /əˈspaɪə(r)/ = (verb) to hope or dream; especially to hope or work towards a profession or occupation

Ex: Pinocchio aspired to become a real boy.

  • compel /kəmˈpel/ = (verb) force, constrain or coerce; sway

Ex: The soldiers were compelled to fight in the war.

  • concise /kənˈsaɪs/ = (adjective) short, brief, not verbose; clear and succinct

Ex: Please write a concise essay on the meaning of life.

Day 7

  • illuminate /ɪˈluːmɪneɪt/ = (verb) shine light on something, light up something

Ex: The new street lights were not powerful enough to illuminate the street sufficiently.

  • urban /ˈɜː(r)bən/ = (adjective) related to or located in the city

People from urban areas have very different political views from people in rural areas.

  • arrogant /ˈærəɡənt/ = (adjective) showing too much self-importance or self-worth; overbearing pride

Ex: Many political and business leaders are very arrogant.

Day 6

  • erratic /ɪˈrætɪk/ = (adjective) irregular, unsteady, random; prone to unexpected changes

Ex: The man’s erratic behavior made everybody on the flight nervous.

  • fortify /ˈfɔː(r)tɪfaɪ/ = (verb)strengthen, reinforce

Ex: The government intended to fortify the levees surrounding New Orleans.

  • isolate /ˈaɪsəleɪt/ = (verb) set apart or cut off from others, separate

Ex: The hospital isolated the patients with bird flu to help prevent an outbreak.

Day 5

  • candid /ˈkændɪd/ = (adjective) straightforward, open and sincere, honest

Ex: I had a very candid discussion with Max about his drinking problem.

  • dialogue /ˈdaɪəlɒɡ/ = (noun) conversation between 2 or more people.

Ex: The action in the movie was very exciting, but the dialogue was incredibly bad.

  • drastic /ˈdræstɪk/ = (adjective) extreme, severe

Ex: The doctor had to take drastic measures to save the patient’s life

Day 4

  • anecdote /ˈænɪkˌdəʊt/ = (noun) a short, interesting story

Ex: At the party Charles told some humorous anecdotes about his days in the military.

  • avert /əˈvɜː(r)t/ = (verb) turn aside, or away; as, to avert the eyes from an object; to ward off, or prevent, the occurrence or effects of

Ex: We did everything we could to avert the disaster, but it was not enough.

  • bitter /ˈbɪtə(r)/ = Having or being a taste that is sharp, acrid, and unpleasant.

Ex: The coffee was too bitter for Max. He had to add a lot of sugar.

Day 3

  • avarice /ˈævərɪs/= Excessive desire for wealth; extreme greed

Ex: Corruption is a product of avarice and thirst for power.

  • barricade /ˈbærəkeɪd/ = Something that serves as an obstacle; a barrier

Ex: The police set up a barricade to keep voters away from the polling stations.

  • bewilder /bɪˈwɪldə/ =  To confuse or befuddle

Ex: I am absolutely bewildered by the new tax forms. I have no idea how to fill them out.

Day 2

  • appropriate /əˈprəʊpri-ət/ = Suitable; befitting; proper.

Ex: Boardshorts are not appropriate attire for the office.

  • arouse /əˈraʊz/ = To excite into action; stir or put in motion or exertion; awaken: as, to arouse attention; to arouse one from sleep; to arouse dormant faculties.

Ex: They would send agents and emissaries about the kingdom to arouse, and encourage, and assemble such Saxon forces as were yet to be found. – King Alfred of England

  • augment /ɔːɡˈment/= To add to; increase

Ex: I teach English in the evenings to augment my family’s income.

Day 1

  • accommodation /əˌkɒməˈdeɪʃən/ = A room to stay in or other place to stay; the act of accommodation

Ex: When I go on business trips, the accommodations my company pays for are usually quite bad.

  • affluent /ˈæfluənt/ = Wealthy; having a large amount of money

Ex: Only the most affluent individuals can afford a Lamborghini.

  • ajar /əˈdʒɑː/ = Slightly open or almost closed: said of a door.

Ex: found the door ajar, and I stood a moment gazing at the hateful man who claimed a right to rule me, body and soul. – Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl.

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