Bilingual stories: The King and his hurt feet | Nhà Vua và đôi chân đau

Bilingual stories: The King and his hurt feet | Nhà Vua và đôi chân đau

The King and his hurt feet

Kevin is the king of the land of Genovia. He rules the whole country. His country is very wealthy and rich in natural resources.

For that, he is proud of his wise rulership. One day, he wants to visit every corner of his country. He wants to know the lives of his people. From the morning, he goes to every distant village and town. He walks around and greets people with kindness.

When he returns to his palace again, he complains about the road. His feet are in pain because the roads are all very rocky and hard to walk.

That feeling is such a pain in his neck. Therefore, Kevin orders his men to cover every road in the country with soft leather.

Covering every road with leather requires a lot of cow skin. It will take a lot of hard work from his men. And to execute this, he will have to spend a lot of money.

The queen listens to Kevin’s plan and gives it some thoughts. After a while, she asked the king: “Why are you going to spend a lot of money on this?

Instead of covering each road, why don’t you just cut a piece of leather and cover your own feet with it?” Her suggestion makes Kevin surprised, but he thinks the queen was right.

He decides to make a pair of shoes for himself and not to cover any roads.

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