IELTS Speaking Part 2: A dream you have had

IELTS Speaking topic: A dream you have had

Share with you all the topic of IELTS speaking part 2: A dream you have had

Describe a dream you have had.

  • You should say:
  • when you had this dream
  • what you saw in the dream
  • what you did or said in the dream
  • and explain why you had a dream like that.

Well, I had this experience not too long ago. I met my neighbour in the shop who just bought a bag of rice and was ready to take the heavy bag home. I walked straightly to her, and told that I could help her take the bag home. She was very thankful and agreed to accept my kindness. I could feel that she really hope someone could stand out and do her a favour at that moment. The bag was quite heavy and it took us ten minutes to move back home. I took the bag directly to her home, and helped pour the entire rice into the bucket. She really appreciated my offer and gave me some gifts.

I still couldn’t figure out why I would have that dream, maybe because I am quite worried about her life. She is an old lady living with her son. She is not very old actually but she always staggers along on the road. She is alone at home in the daytime as her son is working at office, and she has no grandson to look after. Every time we meet in the corridor, she is likely to talk with me about her family and play with my little boy for a while. I think she really needs a company.

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