IELTS Speaking topic: Foreign food

IELTS Speaking topic: Foreign food

IELTS Speaking topic: Foreign food

1. Have you ever tried foreign food?

Oh yes, I love foreign food all by my heart. I have been to USA before. It was a long stay and I grabbed every opportunity to explore sandwich, Hamburg and different cheese. I am also a die hard fan of Japanese food.

2. Do you like to try new food?

Yes, why not. When I am travelling in a new place, I’m always dwelling in the street, hunting for different local food. I believe tasting the new food is indispensable part of the trip.

3. What kinds of new food have you tried recently?

I have tried the oysters recently because my lemon tree has got lots of lemon this winter. So I have had them with the white wine. The raw oysters and lemon tastes very sweet, fresh and delicious. They are the perfect combination.

4. What kinds of foreign food are popular in your country?

Well, there are so many people in my country, it’s really hard to say, probably some people enjoy the Korean BBQ, but personally speaking, I prefer the Japanese food, like sushi and sashimi, because they are much healthier.

5. Do you like any food from the countries near China?

Yes, the Japanese food, such as sushi and sashimi. Because they taste much similar to the Chinese food, and besides, they are always served as fresh as possible, so I can enjoy the original flavour of the food.

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