Top 5 best places to live in USA

USA is a dream country for everyone. If you are going to study or plan to live in USA, you should know about which are the best places to live in. In this post, I am going to share with you Top 5 best places to live in USA. This information is from businessinsider.

Let’s see which places in US are considered the best destinations for international people.

5 Des Moines, Iowa

Top 5 best places to live in USA

Des Moines is drawing millennials and young families alike for its “one-of-a-kind shops, locally-owned restaurants, and hip bars” as well as its historical residences in quiet neighborhoods, said a local expert. Home to more than 80 insurance companies including giants Allied Insurance and Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, the job market is thriving.

  • Population: 214,237
  • Average annual salary: $50,600
  • Quality of life: 7.0
  • Value index: 8.4

4 Fayetteville, Arkansas

Top 5 best places to live in USA

Fayetteville sits among the Ozark Mountains and is home to the University of Arkansas’ flagship campus. The surrounding area of northwest Arkansas is home to headquarters for seven Fortune 500 companies including Walmart and Tyson Foods.

The city has experienced immense growth, according to a local expert, who said the region has evolved “from a small town to a center of higher education, culture, commerce, and entrepreneurialism.”

  • Population: 87,590
  • Average annual salary: $45,830
  • Quality of life: 7.5
  • Value index: 8.2

3 Colorado Springs, Colorado

Top 5 best places to live in USA

Colorado Springs is “booming, with new residences popping up alongside quality schools, parks, and cultural attractions,” touts a local expert. The city is just an hour’s drive from Denver and in close proximity to Aspen and Vail’s world-class ski resorts. Military jobs influence Colorado Springs’ culture and economy, but jobs are also available in medical innovation and tech.

  • Population: 478,221
  • Average annual salary: $50,050
  • Quality of life: 7.0
  • Value index: 6.6

2 Denver, Colorado

Top 5 best places to live in USA

While Denver sits at the base of the Rocky Mountains, it’s not considered a mountain town since it takes at least an hour to get to the Rockies for snowboarding and ski activities, a local expert explained.

At 5,279 feet, the Mile High City lives up to its name in more ways than one: In 2012, Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, paving the way for a flourishing and lucrative cannabis industry.

  • Population: 478,221
  • Average annual salary: $57,400
  • Quality of life: 7.0
  • Value index: 6.7

1 Austin, Texas

Top 5 best places to live in USA

The capital of Texas gains about 150 new residents daily, many seeking out the city’s “music, outdoor spaces, and cultural institutions,” said a local expert.

Austin is beloved for its live music scene and is host to some of the country’s biggest music and culture festivals, including South by Southwest and Austin City Limits. The city was nicknamed “Silicon Hills” in the 1990s for its status as “among the top areas for venture capital investment in the country.”

  • Population: 978,908
  • Average annual salary: $51,840
  • Quality of life: 7.3
  • Value index: 6.7

So, now you know about Top 5 best places to live in USA. Hope this information can help you to know more about USA.

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