Unit 48: Mixed conditionals Stop using the present perfect too much | Sử dụng câu điều kiện đẳng cấp

Mixed conditionals

These are sentences that combine two different types of conditional patterns.

Mixed third/second conditional form

The most common mixed conditional combination is when we have a third conditional in the if-clause (if + past perfect) followed by a second conditional (would + infinitive) in the main clause.

  • If he’d taken the medication, he would be feeling better.

Meaning and use

With this mixed third/second conditional combination we are contrasting an imagined or real event in the past with the present result of that.

  • If they’d taken more care, she wouldn’t be pregnant now. (They didn’t take care. She is pregnant)
  • If he had trained more, he wouldn’t have collapsed before the end of the race. (He didn’t train. He did collapse)

If he hadn’t drunk so much whisky, he wouldn’t feel so bad now.

Would you have a better job if you’d studied harder?

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